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​​Shawn Medina

As an award winning artist I have a pretty versatile background in tattooing, starting in 2006 and then professionally in 2011 at Steel and Ink. I enjoy chicano style tattoos, black and gray realism, and neo-traditional. I would say I am better known for doing black and grey realism, but I enjoy tattooing most styles such as traditional and custom lettering. Some people who have influenced me in my tattooing career are Carlos Torres, Abey Alvarez, and Gustavo Rimada. Over the years I have attended a number of tattoo conventions including Ink and Iron, Best in the Midwest, Ink life tour, the Texas Tattoo Show Down, United Ink, Villain Arts, and Immersed in Ink. My goal is fat stacking benjis and to make my real father proud, Mr. Pablo Escobar.