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Jay Johnson

I was born in St. Louis on a blistery November morning. When I was a child I was always drawn towards art. I can’t remember a time that art wasn’t important to me. At the age of 12 I went into my first tattoo shop and knew from that moment that I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I started my apprenticeship in late 2009 and became a licensed artist in 2010. In late 2010 I moved to Columbia, MO where I worked with another artist named Bobby Thomas who really helped me to develop a style and push myself to become a better tattooer. Since I became a tattoo artist I have had multiple influences in my work from my past as a graffiti artist to bring a graphic nature to a lot of my tattoos. I enjoy doing new school and illustrative tattoos. I also have a passion for custom lettering and watercolor inspired tattoos. I have been inspired by such artist as Kelly Doty, Tanane Whitfield, and Russell Van Schaick. In 2015 I had the privilege of being offered a position at Steel & Ink Studio and haven’t been happier. Every artist here pushes everyone else to strive for the best possible tattoo that they can achieve.