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​Brandie Medina

My love of tattoos and piercings is one of my earliest memories. I had an uncle who I thought had a ton of awesome tattoos. He was scary, but he was also cool and fun as hell. This experience grew my love for art rapidly and as I got older the desire to be tattooed became bigger and my uncles big massive tattoos that covered his arms, were not as massive anymore, to be honest it really was just a couple on his forearm and wrist .

I started my body art collection at the age of 14. I wanted to go bigger and better not to mention it was the 90’s where punk rock, tattoos, skateboards and anarchy still had an insane shock value and was changing the world!. Quickly afterwards, I started my lifelong career of tattooing and body piercing at the age of 19. All the credit goes to the creator for the consistent challenges, creativity and endurance that has driven me to be the artist and business owner I am today. I learned how to safely perform the art of Body Modification in San Francisco, California. Afterwards I worked as a professional body piercer in Southern California for almost 10 years blessed to work with amazing artist and trying to learn all the tricks and secrets to master the body modification art. In 2008, going through a ugly marriage separation, I moved to St. Louis, Missouri with a duffel bag and three kids. I opened Steel and Ink Tattoo Studio in 2009. Once I opened my own studio, I spent more and more time and effort on my artwork, tattooing and succeeding as an Entrepreneur.

I have spent my lifetime dedicated to the Body Art Industry and am still working! I really enjoy realism flowers, birds and nature but I also have a loyal love and respect for traditional tattooing ,which has paved the way for me and every other tattoo artist today. Also, I have tremendous respect for Body Modification and piercing, as it has taught me so many different life lessons and brought me to so many different places that I could have never imagined! Tattooing and piercing has definitely been implanted in my soul teaching me patience, dedication, temperance, and self discipline. I am nowhere close to my expectations as an artist, but I am well on my way!